Mimi Gedamu recommended as ideal candidate

Originally published June 12, 2018

My name is Ben Cubbage.  I grew up in Salisbury, and my parents are Jim and Elinor Cubbage of Hebron.

I am writing to recommend Mimi Gedamu as a candidate for state office. Mimi, as she is known by Salisbury-area locals, has consistently proved herself a loyal and dedicated individual in her personal and professional life.

Having known her 20 years and attended many classes with her at James M. Bennett High School, I can honestly say she is a person who leads by example.

Both her coworkers and her loved ones look up to Mimi and are inspired by her work ethic and dedication as she gives back to her community.

In both the professional and personal realms, Mimi is a leader. She is able to communicate with people from all backgrounds and is always positive, friendly and willing to lend a hand — without expecting anything in return.

This adaptability makes her an ideal candidate. There is no project or task that she can not complete.

Mimi is the definition of a go-getter and is always self motivated and enthusiastic.

Mimi is a dynamic worker who has unapologetically represented conservative Christian
values and is willing to go the extra mile to help both friends and strangers.

Ben Cubbage



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Mimi Gedamu