Mimi Gedamu joins Talbot Council Candidates to Address Education

Republican candidates for Talbot County Council and the state legislatire outlined their platforms and answered audience questions during Thursday forum at the county agriculturealcenter.

The forum included incumbents Jennifer Williams, Corey Pack, Laura PRice, Chuck Callahan, and challengers Frank Divilio and Lisa Ghezzi.  First the candidates introduced themselves to a crowd of an estimated 30 people and added what made them a great candidate for Talbot County Council.  Topics included information about their relationship with the Republican party, challenger's involvement with the county, short-term rentals, budget amendment and improvement in schools.

The topics were moderated by Nicholas Panuzio, chairman of the Talbot County Republican Central Committee.  "It's a great service to the Republican voters to come out tonight, and ask us questions," said Williams, "Talbot County has some of the best people working for it that I have ever worked with in my entire life. ...

Talbot County schools are funded less than any other school system, over $2,000 per student in order for the county to come to the midpoint in the entire state.  Talbot County would have to add nine million dollars in the school boards budget, which would rank them in the middle, something Williams does not want to see for students.

"There is no way we can do that, the school funding formula for the state is out of whack, it's very convoluted and it penalizes Talbot County," Williams said. "We get less dollars per student than any other county.  It is unfair to penalize Talbot County," William said "We get less dollars per student than any other county in the state from the state.  The county last year was number five highest county in the state in per pupil funding, and we are still below the bottom of the pack for every other county.  It is unfair to penalize our students because the state penalizes them."

With the topic of education in mind, Mimi Gedamu introduced herself as a candidate running for the 37B delegate seat.  She followed the sentiment from the Talbot County candidates when it comes to the education system with a mission for improvement, if elected.

"I'm from the Eastern Shore and I am proud to be a part of the Eastern Shore," said Gedamu. "I want to build a future children could be proud of" and "teachers and parents are the most important people when it comes to educating our kids."


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