Dorchester Star: Gedamu Announces Bid for House of Delegates in 37B

Published March 9, 2018

SALISBURY — Mimi Gedamu, co-owner of Pemberton Coffeehouse and registered Republican, is running for a District 37B seat in Maryland’s House of Delegates.

She officially announced her candidacy on Wednesday, Feb. 21.

“I have lived on the Eastern Shore nearly all of my life,” Gedamu said. “We have all of the tools that we need right here to build a stronger economy for everyone — an economy where everyone from the small town farmer to the local musician and budding artist can plug in and be a part of what we have known for generations.”

“The Eastern Shore is proud to be different,” she said. “We are proud of our watermen. We are proud of our school teachers. We are proud of our police. From the farmers to the firemen, we are Shore Strong and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty to get work done.”

Gedamu said her top priorities are bolstering sustainable economic development, promoting public safety and education, and championing watermen and agri-business interests.

“We have some work ahead of us but when we invest in ourselves and our neighbors, we know that we are investing in the best. We did it right here at Pemberton Coffeehouse and we can do it in Annapolis.”

On Tuesday, Feb. 20, she delivered a talk on “Bootstrap Economic Development” at Maryland Republican Federated Women’s Red Scarf Day in Annapolis. Her talk focused on how to create effective policy that promotes economic development rather than stifles it. MFRW has invited Gedamu to oversee a workshop in April involving state lawmakers and business owners on how to promote effective policies.

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Mimi Gedamu