Bootstrap Economic Development


Bootstrap Economic Development - 1. (n.)  An approach to economic development that emphasizes allocating all available resources towards the strengthening of local business, local housing, local agriculture and local aquaculture through local strategic partnerships and supportive legislation. 


At the heart of the Eastern Shore is one core value. It is the understanding that we will always reap what we sow.  We have sown a lot of good seeds here on Delmarva. We have all of the makings of a vibrant and fruitful economy, but we need a skilled and experienced hand in Annapolis to nurture what we have, so that it can grow without being choked by unnecessary legislation.  


Mimi understands that farmers and watermen and women are the flesh and blood of the Eastern Shore.  Her strategy to support and strengthen these industries involves three basic tenants:

(1) review regulations that impede on maximum productivity and sustainable farming practices,

(2) expand distribution channels and the opportunities for peer-to-peer collaborations, test plots and research, and

(3) increase access to continued education training and technology.



Real development takes into consideration where a community is today and lets that inform where it can be tomorrow. With our strong history in agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture, our growing medical healthcare institutions like Peninsula Regional Medical Center, and our academic institutions like Salisbury University and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, the Delmarva Peninsula is ripe with possibilities for strategic partnerships in bioengineering and manufacturing.  

Mimi has years of experience fostering the types of strategic partnerships necessary to help establish sustainable bioengineering technologies. As Delegate she will bring the stakeholders to the table to help springboard the Eastern Shore's strengths into real, sustainable job creation and true creation of a strong and growing middle class.



In her work developing projects across the globe, Mimi consistently found that the key to sustainable economic development is the community's ability to confidently support and empower institutions that educate and secure public safety. It is in our best interest that these public servants be able to faithfully and dutifully execute their responsibilities as fairly and equitably as possible. Any policy that undermines the safety of our public servicemen and women or stops our teachers from providing the best education possible is a policy that undermines our future. 

Be it a Good Samaritan who looks out for his neighbor's house while he is out of town or a nurse who teaches a young mother how to prepare for motherhood, all of us share the burden of protecting our neighborhoods and educating our community. Yet, when there are failings in our society, police and educators are often the first to be blamed.

If elected, Mimi will spend her time in Annapolis making sure that every possible step is taken to prioritize education and public safety in our communities. She will ensure that these public servants have access to fair and competitive compensation packages that reflect the critical role  they play in our society and the unique challenges that they face. 


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